Period 7- Socialization in Life Course Table

Stage of Life Textbook Explanation Interpretation
Childhood (Birth to age 12) After Industrialization people began to perceive children as tender   and innocent. Children need adult care, comfort and protection and gentle   guidance in order to develop. At this beginning stage of life, children are most dependent on   others for their care and needs.
Adolescence (ages 13-17) Adolescence is a social invention. Adolescents must find a place for   themselves, that is different from those younger and older. They develop   their own culture through clothing, hairstyles and gestures. Adolescence is the bridge between childhood and adulthood and is a   time of exploration and rebellion.
Young Adulthood (ages 18-29) In young adulthood many go to college and prolong the need to support   themselves. Young adults gradually take on adult responsibilities as they   finish school, start a full time job, get married and acquire debt. During this time young adults are still dependent on their parents or   support systems but start to take on more adult responsibilities and   eventually become independent.
The Early Middle Years(ages 30-49) During this stage people are more sure of themselves and know what   they want out of life. There can still be harsh changes, especially for women   who believe that they can “have it all”. In their early middle years people are more in control of their   future, aside from unexpected changes such as divorce. Gender roles continue   because men see childcare and housework as feminine but many women “want it   all”.
The Later Middle Years(ages 50-65) People begin to feel their bodies changing and begin to evaluate the   past and what lies ahead. Many take care of their children and also their   aging parents.  Some find this period   to be comforting because of job security and an established lifestyle. Some find this stage of life to be stressful because they feel their   bodies changing and they are pulled between taking care of their children and   their aging parents. In contrast others find comfort in security from their   jobs and their higher standard of living.
The Early Older Years (age 65 and on) Before industrialization this period of life began around age 40.   Now, due to better health and medical care people over the age of 65 continue   to work and enjoy life just as those in the middle years. But people are more   aware of their mortality. Because of a more advanced society many people over the age of 65 are   still able to work and live a full life. Although they are more conscious of   their health.
The Later Older Years(no exact beginning or end) There is no exact beginning into this last stage of life. This stage   is when one will begin to grow frail and ill, some slower than others. But   for all who reach this stage of life, the end is death. This stage of life begins when one starts to grow frail and ill. This   can begin at any time, because every ages differently. This stage ends upon   death.

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