Period 7 – Global Emotions

Global Emotions

Paul Ekman, an anthropologist, had studied emotions in several countries in 1980, and he concluded that “everyone experiences six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise-and we all show the same facial expressions when we feel these emotions” (Henslin 73). A person from one country could tell when another person from another country is feeling one of those emotions. Since we all show the same facial expressions when feeling these emotions, Eknam concluded that they are built into us biologically.

The Six Emotions


When feeling angry, people’s faces get really tense and their eyebrows tend to knit together. Some people’s faces may get really red or some people may yell. People’s noses also tend to flare out.


Disgusted people normally tend to scrunch up their nose, like they are really grossed out at something. People’s eyebrows normally knit together or are raised, and people will normally close their eyes a bit. Their mouth normally is like a really big frown.


When showing fear, people will sometimes scream or drop their mouths. They look really anxious, will probably look around a lot, and their eyes may pop out more than usual. They normally always tense up.





Normally when people are happy, they smile a lot. They will normally laugh a lot and their face will just seem very relaxed.


When experiencing sadness, people will frown a lot. Their face will just seem really gloomy, and sometimes people will cry when they’re sad.


If a person is surprised, they will drop their jaw, and normally their eyes will bugle out of their head with their eyebrows raised. They will probably gasp, as well.


Guess which emotion is shown from each of the following clips from the movie Elf.









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