Period 3- Socialization Potion Creative Writing (Ideal Socialization)


     The family is the first group of people that you are socialized with. They care for you from the time you are born and greatly contribute to you are today. “Our experiences in the family are so intense that they have a lifelong impact on us.” (Page 78). Your family is who you are around for mostly everyday of your adolescent life and who you spend most of your time talking with. In most cases, you talk to your family about your problems, and your life experiences. The dynamics of the family can also affect your socialization. Something noted in our sociology book called the Stroller Effect, describes that if the child is in a stroller, the father is in most cases, pushing the stroller. If the child is outside the stroller, the mother is most likely carrying the child while the father pushes the empty stroller. This gives the child gender cues when they are with their family as they are growing up. The ideal family would allow their children to socialize withing the family and to express their feelings how they feel. If an ideal family existed, it would also be able to communicate the proper ethics of society and the norms so that everyone understands the society.


     The neighborhood is the place where you spend most of your time as a child. Parents always want their kids to grow up in the best neighborhood as possible. “Children from poor neighborhoods are more likely to get in trouble with the law, to become pregnant, to drop out of school, and to end up facing a disadvantaged life.” (Page 80). A more successful and socialized will produce better quality of lives for those who come from them. A real world example of the ideal neighborhood is Levitt Town. This is a neighborhood where everyone has much of the similar material things including their houses and cars. All of the kids here grew up with most of the some influences in their lives because of their neighborhood.


     Your religion can influence your values and beliefs perhaps more than any other agent of socialization. “By influencing values, religion becomes a key component in people’s ideas of right and wrong.” (Page 80). The effects of religion carry over many different aspects of peoples lives. An ideal religion would be one that have values and beliefs that are positive to someones quality of life and not provoke violence with other religions and other cultures.

Day Care

     When kids are to the age when they are able to interact with other kids, they are often sent to day care. Whether or not daycare is beneficial is up to the parents but many different studies have been done on it. Draw backs to sending kids to day care is their attachment to those who take care of them. “…Children who spend in day care have weaker bonds with their mothers.” (Page 80). This is because they are around people who are unfamiliar to them and not around their parents who they have relied on for so long. It is not completely the day care itself but the time that they children spend in it. The ideal day care would be the perfect balance between the time they spend at the day care and at home. It is not a 50-50 split but it is unclear what the balance is. However, in the perfect day care, kids would be able to have fun with the other kids in it so they will socialize better.


In a perfectly socialized school, there would be many factors that need to be changed compared to today’s schools.  The teachers would interact with all students equally to ensure that everyone understands the subject and can apply it.  There would also be special electives for all career or hobby ideas. This would help the students be able to focus on what they want to do in life and also meet new people.  Equal opportunities would be based on things like no pay in oreder to attend school and students would be graded on effort to show that everyone has a chance, depending on the students desire to work and everyone has the same potential.  There would also be times during the day where students and staff would be allowed to interact with all and become acquainted.  Just to ensure that no one is put down or rejected based on status, all students and staff would wear the exact same uniform.

Peer Groups

Peers play a big roe in todays society.  They influence what people do, how they think, and everything inbetween.  If everyone was to be socialized in the sense of peers, then all would be accept by one another.  This seems to be impossible but, somethings could be done to help.  People would have to forget about social status to begin with.  Everyone in the community would have to become acquainted in some way and would have to accept each other for who they are and not how they live or what they wear.  People should be uniform in some sense to help delete judging also.  Overall, peers would have to get past the exterior of people and not judge someone before they actually know them.


Sports and competition play a major role in most people’s lives at some point.  To give everyone an equal chance to succeed in sports, there has to be some level of socialization.  In a perfect world, sports would be incorperated into everyone’s life.  There would be no discrimination dealing with gender, race, beliefs, ect.  The coaches would help each individual the same amount and the players would help each other to better their teams. Sports give people a chance to socialize in the way that people interact with each other on and sometimes off the field as friends or acquaintences.

Work Place

The workplace is just like any other place previously disscussed.  Bosses would take their time to inform his or her employees about what is expected of them, how they can help, and even just about the relationship they have with their employees.  Education requirements would be the same for everyone that works at that place so no one is left out do to their past.  There would be no judgement upon fellow employees do to any reason at all.  Everyone would be payed the same and would have to work the same amount. They should also wear uniforms of some kind to show that they are equal.


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