Period 3 – Global Emotions

Global emotions are both essential and universal. Paul Eknam came up with the six basic emotions. We express them in similar ways. These basic emotions are:
– Anger






Emotions may be expressed differently due to these factors:
-Gender: If a woman receives a new gift, they are expected to be surprised and show their excitement by “squeals of glee”. Men on the other hand are expected to be more content on expressing their joy.
-Social Class: Something that might anger a lower class family, may not be stressing to a family of a higher social class.
-Culture: South American’s kiss on the cheek as a sign of greeting, while in North America a simple hand shake will do the trick.
-Relationships: You tend to act more freely around people you know well.

We think that these basic six emotions are universal because Paul Ekman  found a high agreement across members of diverse Western and Eastern literate cultures on selecting emotional labels that fit facial expressions. And through this, he found these basic emotions to be universal. So, basically, we think this universal because the studies done on these people had all the same facial expressions, no matter where they live.”Socialization not only leads different ways of expressing emotions, but even affects what we feel”(Pg 74).


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