Period 3 – Desocialization and Solitary Confinement

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De-socialization is when you are taken out of your social environment and you lose all of the ways of socially interacting. Many prisoners experience De-socialization because they are put into solitary confinement and they are taken out of their social environment.  The prisoners will lose all forms of communicating and some will lose their sanity.

Solitary confinement is when you take the most extreme criminals inside of a cell by themselves and they sit there without any social interaction.  Solitary confinement has been used in America since 1870.  We would put the mentally impaired and people who are threatening to society and themselves in solitary confinement.  Today an estimated 44 states have super max facilities confining more than 30,000 people.  Without the Quakers we would not have solitary confinement today because they built the first penitentiary called eastern state penitentiary.



2 thoughts on “Period 3 – Desocialization and Solitary Confinement

  1. wildcatsocialization Post author

    I like the simplicity of this page! I think it could be better if you further explained the connection between solitary confinement and what it does to all of society today. The survey is a cool idea!


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