Period 3: Choose Your Own Social Adventure!

Sociology adventure

Socialization- the process by which people learn the characteristics of their group- the knowledge, skills attitudes, values and actions thought appropriate for them

Social Inequality- a social condition in which priveleges and obligations are given to some but denied to others

Influences on Gender Socialization

Gender Socialization- the ways in which society sets children onto different courses in life because they are male or female

Gender Role- the behaviors and attitudes considered appropriate because one is a female or a male

Mass Media- forms of communication such as radio, newspapers, andlevision that are directed to mass auiences

Peer Group- a group of individuals of roughly the same age who are linked by common interests

Agents of Socialization

people or groups that affect our self-concept, attitudes, behaviors or other orientations toward life


Subtle Socializations

Family and Social Class



Day Care


Manifest Functions- the intended beneficial consequences of people’s actions

Latent Functions- unintended beneficial consequences of people’s actions

Peer Groups


Sports and Competitive Success

Socialization Through the Life Course

Life Course- stages of our life as we go from birth to death

Betty White

Childhood (birth to 12 years old)

Adolescence (13 to 17 years old)

Young Adulthood (18 to 29 years old)

Middle years (30 to 65 years old)

Early Middle  Years (30 to 49 years old)

Later Middle Years (50 to 65 years old)

Betty White

Older Years (65 and older)

Early Older Years (65 to 75 years old)

Later Older Years (75 and older)


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