Period 2- Family and self image

Lower class familes can have a different life style and different parenting than higher class familes. Lower class families can stuggle in a few ways such as being more aggresive, abuse, having little attention paid to them, and neglect. Some lower class families just don’t have the time or energy to be good parents.

Lower class familes parent like this because of a few different reasons. Some parents are stressed out because of thier job and work all day just to try and feed their families. Money is hard to grasp onto so they are willing to do almost anything to get it. Parents can be abusive because they could have a bad drug or alcohol addiction. This might be a way parents try to handle their stress then take it out on their kids. Doing these things can make you a different person and you can end up hurting the ones you love.

Middle class families can look a little different. They can have more of a well structured home. Parents have a higher chance of staying together because they don’t have as much stress in thier lives. Children can also get more of the affection they need. Parents have more time and can sit down to give their kids the affection they need.

I think middle class families are better with their family members because of the level of stress they have in the house. Money is not so much of stress so parents have more time to do what they need to do with their families to keep it together. Parents have a higher chance of staying together because of stress level and they figure out how to work things out because they make time for eachother and can have better patience and understanding. Middleclass families are not perfect but they can be more loving and a safe place to be.

Not all lower class families are so aggressive towards their children. For example, a lot of lower class parents want their child to live a better life than them because they know they deserve better. These parents raise these kids to become successful so these children’s children don’t grow up under the same conditions they did. Some families don’t prioritize money like most American’s do so they parent their kids like someone from a higher class generally would, without all the glamorized gifts and flashy clothes. Just because a family doesn’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean they don’t love their children just as much as someone with more money would.

Family and Self Image

            Every family has its values and beliefs. From the time one is born, their parents teach them their beliefs and mold them to be who the parent wants them to be. As a child grows they learn to see themselves as what they were taught to be. For example, if a family constantly reminds a child they are beautiful, they will think they are beautiful. If someone is treated badly as child and not complimented ever, they will have a negative self image which will worsen as they get older. One’s family has a very big impact on their self image because one see themselves as others see them, and one’s family is who one is always around and whose opinion truly matters at the end of the day.


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