Period 2-Agents of Socialization



Agents of socialization: people or groups that affect how we look at ourselves in life.
There are four main socializing agents are family, school, sports, and the workplace.
Family: Lay down the basic self of sense, and establish our initial motivations, values, and beliefs. They give us ideas about who we are, and what we should get out of life. In the family, we define ourselves as either male or female.
School: Children learn to develop a wider perspective to help prepare them for the world beyond family. Education has two functions: manifest (intended purpose) and latent (unintended purpose). Students also learn “universality”- the same rules apply to everyone, no matter who they’re parents are.
Sports: Children learn how to become good team players. For boys, participating in a sport means gaining masculinity. Also, sports are a great way for children to become more social, and make new friends.
Workplace: The workplace shows people a new perspective on the world, and gives us a set of skills. Anticipatory Socialization (because one anticipates a future role, one learns parts of it now.) The more one actually does their job, the more it becomes a part of one’s self-concept.


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