Period 2 – Gender Stereotypes in the United States

Gender Stereotypes– Expecting a different attitude of behaivior from a gender.  The tendency of a certain gender to fufill society’s expectation set upon them.

Gender Stereotypes within the family: The wife cooks and cleans, while the husband works and provides for the family. The man usually is assertive and establishes the leader role, while the wife falls in second in lead.

Men-assertive, competitive, independent, courageous, and career-focused; hold his emotions in check

Women- loving, compassionate, caring, nurturing, and sympathetic

Talcott Parsons views: Total Role Segregation:

  1. Ex.When it comes to children the wife takes major role in caring for it more so than the father.
  2. In case of conflict, man has the last say, for example in choosing the place to live, choice of school for children, buying decisions
  3. Housekeeping and child care are the primary functions of the woman; participation of the man in these functions is only partially wanted.
  4. The workplace is not the primary area of women; career and professional advancement is deemed unimportant for women
  5. Gender-specific education; high professional qualification is important only for the man


  • Television shows- In television shows children start watching at an early age, gender roles are portrayed through various characters.  Fromstrong masculine boys to nerdy smart boys, and very feminine princess to even “dumb blond girls”.  These roles are filled by the children in society that watch these shows daily.  This gives children their gender identity that they associate themselves with.

     Dexters laboratory portraying the girl being clueless while the guy is a genius.

  • Advertising-  In advertisement commercials are made for a target audience, and may try to attract to specific genders.  You wont see a little boy playing with a barbie doll, because girls wont want to buy them if they only see boys playing with them in advertisements.

 How often do you see a guy in these commercials?

  • Movies-  Movies follow the same gender roles.  You will see masculine men actors more often then not and thin females actresses that show people that that is the ideal look and style for their specific gender.

Disney movies use princesses with with thin wastes and perfect features, and men with over masculine features; just like the beast here or Hercules.

  • Songs- Songs and music videos also portray guys being more mean and thuggish, while women hold down the house and family especially in rap music.  In rap music also men disrespect women as they feel their role is insignificant in their “thug life”.

Lil wayne

  • Video Games- Video games also use men in the tough action games.  Video games are meant to appeal to boys, so you also see an overpowering amount of sports and shooting games with all guys and little to no girls present.


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